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About T.W.I.T.

The Western Incorporeal Troupe is a paranormal research team located in Scholls, Oregon. The T.W.I.T. was created by it's founder Nedward Grabenhorst.

Nedward created T.W.I.T. back in the late 90's when his wife Rebecca inspired him to create the name. Nedward has been investigating the incorporeal for over fifteen years now and it is his life's goal is to prove their existence and to expand upon his research for the truth. The T.W.I.T. currently consists of three members. They are the founder, Nedward Grabenhorst, and his two interns Daisy Keaton and Hank Bannister.

The T.W.I.T. currently have their own television series titled Incorporeal Stalkers. Incorporeal Stalkers started out as a public access series on the Scholls Public Broadcasting Network. Then Nedward was excited and glad to find out that The Comedy Channel would pick up the series and expand Incorporeal Stalkers to a much bigger and and whole new audience.