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T.W.I.T Members

Nedward Grabenhorst

Nedward Grabenhorst is the leader and founder of The Western Incorporeal Troupe. His passion is researching the incorporeal and hopes to find enough proof to prove their existence and or at least make people believe. He currently produces and stars in his own show Incorporeal Stalkers.

Daisy Keaton

Daisy Keaton is one of two interns that work under Nedward for The Western Incorporeal Troupe. Daisy is free spirited and believes in the existence of the incorporeal as much as Ned. She has known and worked for Nedward since the public access days of the show. She currently stars on Incorporeal Stalkers as well.

Hank Bannister

Hank Bannister is the second intern that works under Nedward for The Western Incorporeal Troupe. Hank is kind of self centered and eccentric and doesn't really believe in the existence of the incorporeal. He keeps telling the Nedward that he is only helping out the T.W.I.T. to get his college internship credit.

T.W.I.T. Girl Mascots
Courtni Perkins & Tiffany Masterson

Courtni Perkins and Tiffany Masterson are the newest members to The Western Incorporeal Troupe. They were recommended to be the newest members of the T.W.I.T. by The Comedy Channel in order to increase the range of viewers for Incorporeal Stalkers. The ratings did increase and the T.W.I.T. girls are currently shooting a calendar.